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The Resentful Rover Chapter 7
"Did you ever ask what Dudley's Past was like?" Dark Dudley asked.
"Actually, No." Kitty Replied.
"Well Then, let me tell you a sad little tale". Dark Dudley said.
We now see a 15-year-old Dudley Puppy. He is wearing a light green shirt with a light blue baseball hat. He is sitting alone eating lunch during recess at Petropolis High School. As soon as he finishes his lunch, he tries to play with the other students.
"Hey, Guys! Can I Play?" Dudley asked innocently. "When Pigs fly, Freakmutt!" a female raccoon said smugly. "Why not?" Dudley asked. "Because, Your a freak!" The Raccoon said. "What gives you the right to call me that?" Dudley asked angrily.
"Look at you! What kind of dog has a mix of every breed? Do you even know who your Daddy is? I bet he left your mom because he couldn't put up with someone like you."
"What do you know about me?!" Dudley exclaimed. "I know it just by looking at you!" The raccoon declared. "Face it, You are nothing but a childish, worthless mutt! In short
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 6
Back at TUFF headquarters, Dudley and Kitty were talking in the breakroom.
"Dudley, what happened earlier? Kitty said worringly. "You haven't been yourself lately".
"I'd rather not talk about it" Dudley said sadly. "I'm a good listener, you can trust me." Kitty said. "Don't Listen to that Attention hog!" Dark Dudley said. "Who are you gonna believe? some Mary-Sue cat or Yourself?
Dudley remained silent.
"Since you don't Have the guts to speak your mind, I will!" Dark Dudley declared.
Dudley's appearence changed. His white fur taking on a shade of gray, his eyes now have a reddish tint, and he seems to have vampire-like fangs.
"The Reason Dudley hasn't been himself is me!" Dark Dudley said proudly. Kitty looked with a confused expression. "Who are you and what have done to dudley?!" Kitty said Demanding an explanation.
"I am Dudley, Sushi-breath! I represent the darker parts of him!"
"You're kidding right? Dudley Doesn't have and Dark Thoughts." Kitty said
"There you go again." Dark Dud
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 5
Dudley and Kitty changed out of their karate uniforms and back to their usual outfits. The Chief then appeared on his monitor.
"Attention agents Katswell and Puppy, I've just received intel that Snaptrap is planning on stealing the Pegasus Diamond! Stop him at all costs."
"We're on it Chief!" Dudley and Kitty said in unison. "It's time for you to shine." Dark Dudley said.
At the Petropolis Museum, Snaptrap and his cronies were trying to steal the Diamond. "With this Diamond, I'll hold it for ransom, the owners will pay through the nose to get it back!" Snaptrap said with an evil laugh.
"Dream On, Ratfink!" Dudley said.
Dudley and Kitty appeared behind two museum pillars.
"Agents Puppy and Katswell! So nice of you to join us!" "Cut the charade, dumpster dweller!" Kitty said "Your trying to steal the diamond!".
"Indeed I am!" Snaptrap said proudly Get em, boys! Ollie, Francisco, and Larry try to jump Dudley and kitty, but they knocked them out with little effort.
"You're not going to get
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 4
It was a bright and sunny day in the city of Petropolis. Dudley got up, took a quick shower, and took an apple from the refridgerator.
Dudley! are you off to work? His mother peg said.  Yes, Mom! I'll see you later! Dudley said with false kindness.
As he drove to TUFF, Dudley look at his rear-view mirror. "It's time to give Petropolis Someone new to talk about! Dark Dudley said. Dudley simply nodded in agreement.
Dudley then arrived at TUFF. He took the elevator up to the Top floor, and when the doors open, His partner and "Friend" Kitty Katswell was there waiting for him.
Good Morning Dudley! Kitty said in a chipper tone. "Good Morning, Agent Katswell." Dudley said stoically.
Kitty's eyes nearly popped out of her sockets when he called her that. "Dudley, you don't seem like yourself." Kitty said. "There are some things you don't know about me". Dudley Replied
"Anyway, lets go to the TUFF dojo. Lets see if you learned some new moves since we first met." Kitty said
"Good Idea.
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 3
Dudley Stumbled into the bathroom Trying to comprehend what happened in that nightmare.
"That was something out of a Japanese Horror movie" he said to himself.
"Where did this come from?" he turned his attention to the mole on his finger.
"Where, Indeed". another voice said
Dudley neary jumped out of his skin when he heard that voice.
"Who's there?!" Dudley asked with a shaky voice.
"Look at your reflection. You'll find all your answers there" The voice replied.
Dudley looked at his reflection, he saw himself but there were differences: His eyes were red, His fur slightly unkempt, and he seems to have vampire-like fangs.
"Who are you?" Dudley said worringly.
"Isn't it obvious Dynomutt? I'm you. Well, a darker part of you.
"Why are you here?" Dudley demanded.
"I'm here to free yourself from your limitations. Have you ever felt Inadaquate, Overshadowed, or Undermined by someone you know?"
"I don't know who your talking about." Dudley retorted.
"I'm talking about your alledged friend!" Hi
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 2
Dudley ran through the galleries, running from an angry mob of Dudley haters.
"Get him! He's no hero! He screws up every mission!"
The shouts and clamor only frightened Dudley even more. He was at the end of the gallery, trying to find a way out as the mob was getting closer. Dudley cringed as they cornered him.
A golden voice opened his eyes. It sounded familiar, but who on earth? Dudley turned to see his partner, Kitty Katswell inside a painting reaching her hand out to her partner. She was on the right side of him.
"Take my hand!"
Dudley reached out to hold her hand but a shivering voice also caught his attention.
His blue eyes widened even more as his head turned to his left side. It was another painting and inside was his mirror image only in a thick shadowy form.
"She's not worthy to you Dudley, or to US. Take my paw, my friend and I'll show you true heroism."
Dudley knew this was bad, yet this voice, sounded so promising, so real. Hypnotized by the shadowy vo
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The Resentful Rover Chapter 1
It was a rainy afternoon in the city of Petropolis. All the villians were put behind bars, and the two top TUFF agents, Dudley Puppy & Kitty Katswell get a much needed break.
Dudley was in his cubicle playing with his computer. He has an account on a website called Viceart. He uploaded pictures of his racecars, but he never gets comments nor critisims. He then sees a link to a Tuff Fan Forum. He then sees thousands of Fanart, Fanfiction, even Cosplays of Kitty Katswell, his partner and mentor. "Wow! Kitty seems to have gained quite a following." Dudley thought to himself. He then sees a Dudley fanart section and decides to click it.
But his hopefulness is shattered when most of the "Artwork" was all Pictures and stories of him getting beaten up, Mocked, even tortured to death. Dudley felt his heart sink and his eyes water.
"What did I do to gather so much hatred toward me?" Dudley asked himself. I saved the city countless times. Kitty gets treated like she's an angel in the fur, While
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I have an idea for a Tuff Puppy Fic.

It's called "The Resentful Rover"

The story is about Dudley's sort-of unpopularity with the fanbase.
At first he didn't let it get under his skin, But Some fans seem to enjoy demonizing him and Pretty much make Kitty look like a Goddess.
Within time, a dark corner was being tugged at within Dudley's mind.
Jealousy, Self-loathing, and Anger, begins to mix around him.
Will Kitty try to make him see the error of his ways, or will Dudley's personal demons lead him to the path of Self-Destruction?

What do you guys think ? Maybe you could help me write it.

I want your honest opinion


Jeffery Quick
United States


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